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What is Church membership?

At First Christian Church the only requirement for membership is a profession of faith in Jesus as God’s son and a desire and willingness to follow Him.

Those who desire to join our faith community are invited to speak to our Pastor after worship on Sundays or to contact him directly sometime during the week.

Church membership takes a few potential forms:

1)    Profession of Faith – this is simply making the statement that you believe in Jesus and choose to follow His teachings.

2)    Transfer of Membership – if you have previously been a member of another church, we can send a letter the them, simply notifying them that you have decided to transfer your membership to FCC.

3)    Baptism – if you have not yet been baptized, we can discuss the importance of that and its significance in the life and journey of faith. All people who are baptized at FCC become members as a part of the process.

Being a member of a local church means many things. Because we believe the Christian journey is best traveled together, we encourage our members to attend worship regularly, to be involved with some activity that fosters personal spiritual growth, to support and participate in the ministry of the congregation, and to serve God’s people in need in an active way. You can check out the ways that we serve one another and our community by viewing our Outreach Brochure.

Being a member does not mean that you must immediately begin giving to the church financially. We recognize that a life of faith is a journey, and we’re all at different points on that spectrum. We hope that as you grow to know and love this church that you will be excited to partner with our church in this way at some point in the future.  

Officially, being a member allows you to serve in any level of leadership, as well as the ability to vote during Congregational Meetings.

If you have questions about any of this, please feel free to contact our Pastor: