Our worship style is blended, which means we use ancient and modern worship practices as we seek to create a worship experience that is meaningful to people of all ages.  Children are welcome (and we know they won’t be quiet the entire time!).


About worship

important tidbits

  • Our worship includes a variety of musical styles including praise songs, old Gospel, grand hymns of praise, etc. Our worship uses a mix of informal and formal moments.
  • The style of dress is relaxed and varied. Some people come in suits and dresses while others dress in jeans and sandals.
  • Worship is designed to bring us closer to God. You are welcome to stand and join in worship if you like, but if you are not comfortable with this, simply listen with an open mind and heart.
  • The Offering is given by members and friends as an act of worship to our giving God. Guests should not feel obligated to give.
  • We do not recite a creed during worship. Often we pray the Lord’s Prayer in unison.
  • The preaching is designed to emphasize the connection between God’s Word as recorded in the Bible and applying it to our daily lives.
  • An invitation is given every week for people to commit their lives to Jesus Christ or to work alongside our congregation by becoming members.
  • We celebrate Communion every week. You’re welcome to join us. We practice an open table which means communion is for all who desire to know and follow Jesus. *Our communion bread is gluten free.